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As some of you know, I've been working on making Hekine's Act 6 (sort of)
As some of you ALSO know, I just got my first job!

Now let's put these together for even better news!

I plan on buying a Blue Yeti microphone to record Hekine's Act 6!

What does this mean? It means much better recording quality for one 8D Second, it means I will be less likely to lose motivation while making her bank!
Along with this, I hope to be getting a new laptop!
What does that add on?
I will be able to generate Hekine's otos on my own! (hopefully)
I have the oto generator and suffix generator on my laptop now, so i can transfer them over to my new laptop when the time comes c:

With this in mind, you can expect some updates here and there on her bank in not too long > v >
Hekine's Act6 will include:
-6 pitches (A3, C4, D#4, F#4, A4, C5)
-End breathes 
-Chopped VV samples (a 'a (stops then starts)) along with normal vv samples (a a)
-VC samples
-Some English additions
-An updated Official Art
-Reference Sheet
-Ust's of my own creation used in the demo reel (May change, but will likely include Hanairo Biyori, 背景、夏に溺れる, and Milk Crown on Sonechka)

However, unlike I had originally planned, Hekine's Act 6 will remain a soft/neutral power bank! Unless the Blue Yeti works better for powerful recordings, I do not see Hekine getting a nice quality power bank in the future.
With this in mind, are there any songs you may have in mind for the demo reel? If so, please comment! c:

Recording Progress: 0%
Oto'ing Progress: 0%
Art Progress: 100%
Hekine Chinji Official Art by Snow-Songstress


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Crystal Mintz
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hello there ov o My name's Crystal, but you can call me Yuki, Snow, anything really ^ u ^
Hekine Chinji by rockstar-dino
I'm a Vocaloid user, MMD user, UTAU user, and also a dubber
Wanna check out my channel? I'm right here:…

I'm the voicer and owner of Hekine Chinji, Kyashakoe Chinji, and their soon to be released brother
I have VY1V3, but that's it right now ; u ;

I hope you like my art, have a good day : D
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